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ispy with my mini eye

Untitled_Artwork 101.png

passion project

Hidden in a mini Ikea bag keychain strung around my pant loop is an array of mini things I keep on hand. A mini troll doll, a funky colored dice, a small rubber baby, and a few others are among the novelty items I consider an everyday carry. Why? I haven’t a freaking clue. One day I started carrying them and three years later they’ve become my personal security blanket. the thing I know is there, however know one else does. 

In this series of mini Gwynie my keychain of mini items and I decide it would be fun to recreate the I spy series. Where you may ask? in the place I find myself most, antique stores. I visited several different locations and among the already hidden treasures, I added my own.


Have fun perusing and playing the beautiful game!

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